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Contact the Youth Employment Specialist at the Mesa County Workforce Center for assistance creating or updating your resume. 970-248-7560

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Contact the Youth Employment Specialist at the Mesa County Workforce Center for cover letter review. 970-248-7560

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Virtual Job Shadow - Pathful Explore

Pathful Explore provides interactive tools, assessments, and real-world exploration videos to explore diverse career pathways.

Powered by several key industry sectors, the Mesa County economy is growing. Thriving businesses in target areas like culinary, law enforcement, marketing and app development offer promising careers with needs for skilled talent. However, many working adults are simply not aware of their job prospects locally or the educational and training requirements needed to advance their careers.


To address this knowledge gap, the Mesa County Workforce partnered with Virtual Job Shadow, now called Pathful Explore, a national career exploration service to showcase career opportunities in Western Colorado.


Preview jobs available in the Mesa County area by watching the videos, and sign up for a free Pathful Explore account for access to the full video library.

Find Your Future Using Pathful Explore.

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