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What if you could get a head start on your career?
Do you want to earn college credit and have more options when you graduate from high school…and get paid to do it?

CareerWise Colorado connects industry and education to create a statewide, modern youth-apprenticeship system. CareerWise apprentices earn at least minimum wage while receiving hands-on work experience where they can apply their high-school classroom learning each week. By the conclusion of the program, students will have:

  • meaningful work experience (and a resume that sets you apart from the competition)
  • a nationally-recognized industry certification (so employers know you’re ready to work)
  • a professional network (it’s all about who you know!)
  • the opportunity to earn debt-free college credit (as well as the perspective and direction to know how to apply it to additional higher education)
  • learned the values and skills to enter the workplace after the apprenticeship


The apprenticeship is a two-year commitment to ensure that students have the required experience and skills to either enter the workforce upon completion or the perspective as to how and why higher education can help them achieve their career goals.

CareerWise offers an apprenticeship in five diverse career pathways: advanced manufacturing, information technology, financial services, business operations, and healthcare.



It’s the RIGHT TIME FOR YOU to become a modern youth apprentice! Businesses are struggling to find workers for their in-demand and good-paying jobs—and that means opportunity for those with the right skills (skills you’ll learn as an apprentice). The nation is taking a renewed interest in apprenticeship, and Colorado is leading the way in providing students this innovative applied-learning environment.

Check out one of our current apprentices at the Bank of Colorado!

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