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Work Based Learning

We know that one of the most effective ways to prepare students for jobs is to give them real world experience. Work-based learning is a strategy that combines skill development with real world training opportunities. Apprenticeships and other work-based learning activities create opportunities for youth and adults to develop the skills needed to succeed.

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Job Shadows

Job Shadows provide student with a glimpse into the day to day of a given career. They are essential for any career exploration, and provide students with valuable insights regarding the career path they might be interested in. A job shadow typically last around four hours, in which a student observes an employee perform their daily work tasks. Job Shadows provide realistic information about a given career, with the aim of helping students in making decisions about their future careers.



By definition, an internship is an advanced student, typically in college or high school, in a professional field gaining supervised practical experience. Here, students have intentional learning goals and are encouraged to actively reflect on what they are learning throughout the experience. Internships are an avenue for students to explore career options and learn more about their abilities and what interests them.

Internships can vary greatly, depending on industry and discipline, but they do share several common characteristics. These characteristics include:

  • Typical duration of three to nine months
  • Part-time or full-time commitment
  • Paid or unpaid opportunities
  • Connection to an educational program with potential to earn academic credit
  • Experience is an extension of the classroom

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Too many people enter college without an understanding of how higher education can further their career goals (or even what their career goals are).  Apprenticeships can help shape ideas about careers while building transferable skills.

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